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Now Serving Farm-Fresh Ice Cream! Grab a scoop or two from our Farm Store!

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Reverence Farms is a diversified, thriving polyculture where animals are treated with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet. That means our cows and sheep eat grass. We have a herd of Jersey dairy cattle like no other and produce 100% A2A2, 100% grassfed milk. We feed our birds and pigs a locally milled and organic ration, and all enjoy a full complement of living food and fresh forages with rhythmic and frequent pasture moves . 

The soil feeds the grass that feeds the animals that feed us, so we feed the soil. We take stewardship of the land seriously, as its our foundation. 

Our Farm

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From sunrise well past sunset, from one day to the next, we not only raise animals, we raise the land and the creatures who depend on it. Our cows, our sheep, our pigs and our chickens are passionately pastured, and it shows in the food we create. Real food, minimally processed without funny ingredients, straight from the place we love to the places you nourish. 


Get out into the beautiful outdoors! Visit our farm on a free self-guided walking tour, any day of the week!

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The Reverence Farm Store

On Highway 87, between Eli Whitney and Saxapahaw, NC, is a little bright red building by the side of the road. In front of this bright building is a large metal rooster, and inside the building is a plethora of meat, eggs and milk straight from our farm as well as hot, fresh, BBQ sandwiches (with hand-cut fries on Saturdays!), house-made ready-to-heat meals, baked goods and breads, along with a carefully curated selection of locally-made items and farm kitsch. You will leave happy.

Open Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-2pm!

Every Saturday, we have a new house-made dinner special. Click below to see what we have this week!

Virtual Backgrounds

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Liven up your next virtual online meeting with some photos from Reverence Farm, because being on a farm beats being in an office any day of the week! These jpgs work with any virtual meeting software that allows you to upload a custom background image.