Jobs at Reverence Farms

Assistant Farm Manager

Reverence Farms is seeking an Assistant Farm Manager. This position is a full-time year-round salaried position that works in partnership with our current Assistant Farm Manager. Livestock experience preferred. Responsible, caring, and communicative a must. We work in adverse weather conditions, on weekends, and holidays. You will have two days off per week. Flexibility and a good sense of humor are essential for this to work for you and for us. You must be able to lift at least 50 lbs or work up to that quickly. Ability to trouble shoot and problem solve is a key part of this role. The work is hard, but rewarding. We look forward to hearing from you.

Reverence Farms Assistant Farm Manager

The primary role of the Assistant Farm Manager at Reverence Farms is to assist the Farm Manager in running the day-to-day operations of the farm.  This includes managing staff to implement weekly plans, making sure morning and evening chores are completed, and record keeping.  This position requires both working on a team and independently.


  • Oversee all farming operations while farm manager is away
    • Milking
    • Milk orders
    • Implementation and/or completion of chores and lists
    • Animal health
      • Treatments as prescribed by owners or farm manager
      • Maintain clean living spaces (bedding, food, water)
    • Animal feed/water
      • Both grazing and bale feeding
    • Equipment usage
      • Including use and maintenance of tractors, manure spreaders, UTV’s
      • Fencing equipment- posts, reels, gates, fence chargers
  • Implement and carry out daily and weekly plans
    • Coordinate employee tasks/projects
  • Develop and manage plans for designated sections of the farm
  • Implement and follow grazing plans
    • Make sure animals are moved to correct paddock at correct time
    • Running/picking up temporary fence
    • Moving water tubs and mineral feeders
  • Daily record keeping- records to be kept in real time, check daily to be sure grazings/animal events have been recorded
  • Manage general maintenance and upkeep
    • Keep vehicles clean and stocked (tools etc.)
    • Keep common areas clean and organized

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