Farm Walking Tours

Welcome to the Beautiful Outdoors!

We’re currently not offering paid farm tours for the summer due to social distancing concerns, but if you want an idyllic fresh air hike in Saxapahaw past cows, pigs and chickens, you’re invited to visit our farm for self-guided walking tours through our farm. Experience the great outdoors at your own pace in a relaxed, refreshing environment, over the weekend or during the week. 

Click on the map to get a printable, saveable walking trail map.

Enjoy a beautiful Farm Hike

The importance of exercise, fresh air and outdoor living cannot be overstated. We absolutely love this land that we live and work on, and we are happy to to welcome visitors to share in this experience with us. For the safety of you, your family, the land and our animals, we do ask that you respect and love this land in the same way that we do. Hiking through Reverence Farm is an experience like no other. Our self-guided tours are open during all daylight hours, and are absolutely free. We do have a few rules to make sure the land is kept pristine.

Please stick to the Farm Roads

On your map, you’ll want to stick to the Farm Roads outlined in yellow. This gives you a great view of our land and our animals without interfering with the normal daily operations of the farm. 

Please do not touch or cross over any fencing. We use low-voltage electric fencing wire to keep the animals from wandering off. This does not harm the animals, and it won’t harm you, but it will give you a slight zap, and it could cause animals to wander into parts of the farm that they’re not meant to be in. To be safe, just don’t cross over any fencing.

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset, 7 days a week

Farms operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and you’re welcome to come and visit any day of the week during daylight hours. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and take your time, but please make sure that your hike is done and you’re back to your car by sunset.

No need to call ahead of time. Just show up and leave at your leisure.

Please leave your dogs at home

We absolutely love dogs, but we cannot risk having outside dogs visiting the farm. We’ve got lots of dogs who work on the farm for herding and protecting the other animals from predators. We also have many animals who are easily spooked by unfamiliar dogs– in addition to our farm dogs, we’ve got cows, horses, chickens, sheep, ducks and geese that live at the farm, and so we politely ask that you leave your dogs at home. 

Enjoy the freedom of a self-guided Farm Tour

While visiting the farm, it’s very likely that you’ll come across farmers who are busy doing the many tasks that operating a 400 acre farm requires. Feel free to smile and wave, and we’re more than happy to see you, but our farmers are not tour guides, and please do not engage them in conversation, as they need to keep going for the sake of the farm and the animals. We hope that next summer, we’ll be able to re-start guided farm tours and haywagon tours.

Please enter from Haw River Ranch Rd and park near the Farm Map

When you arrive, please arrive at 1568 Haw River Ranch Rd, and park in the small parking lot near the Reverence Farms map to your left as soon as you enter the farm. Do not park up near the dairy barns or anywhere else. These other roads and parking areas are essential for farm vehicles to move around the farm.

Most importantly...Have Fun!

We love our farm, and our animals, and we hope that you do as well. Visiting Reverence Farms is a fantastic opportunity to get outside, enjoy fresh country air and to get some healthy exercise. We respect our land, the plants and the animals who live here, and we ask that you do the same. Please adhere to the principle of “leave no trace”. Do not litter our farm with empty cans, bottles, cigarette butts or any other refuse. 

Do make sure you bring appropriate walking shoes, and a sense of wonder. This land is beautiful and revered, and help us keep it that way.

Don't forget to visit the Reverence Farms Store!

Either before or after your visit, don’t forget to visit the Reverence Farms Store. There is no road directly from the farm to the store, so you’ll need to drive. The address for the Farm Store is 6956 Highway 87, just a short drive from Haw River Ranch Road. 

The store is open 11am-2pm Tuesday through Saturday, and you can pick up meat, eggs, milk, soup, sandwiches, entrees and even house-made ice cream, made from milk right from our very own Jersey cows!

Where to find the Farm