Grassroots Grazing Conference: Event Ticket

Grassroots Grazing Conference: Event Ticket

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Learn from us from our first ever on-farm conference, designed to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to set up your homestead pastures for the ultimate companion: The Family Milk Cow Herd.

Our Grassroots Grazing conference replay offers a comprehensive seminar led by seasoned experts. Learn the essential skills such as seeding pastures, designing infrastructure, and beginning to regenerate pastures quickly — in months, not years. This is a digital replay of our on-farm Grassroots Grazing Conference.

There are a lot of people showing you how to build a stanchion, but very few people know how to graze and achieve the goals you had when you started: to milk a cow on what the sun and rain grow. We will also help you know how to supplement your pastured cow with essential nutrition as your pastures improve and ensure that she is ready to make medicinal milk and avoid the grass-starving trap. You will walk away with knowledge that triumphs over ideology and confidence to make decisions that work in your context. 

What does the replay include?

  • Seminar Talk with Suzanne & Dr. Hue Karreman starts inside our event barn and will continue throughout the Pasture Tour

  • Pasture Tour: Follow along in our lush pastures and witness regenerative agriculture in action

  • VIP Q&A with Suzanne & Dr. Karreman: Gain personalized insights from seasoned regenerative dairy farmers

  • Reverence Farms Pastures Product Share: Get an up-close look at the products we use on our farm

Watch and redefine your relationship with the land and your food source. Together, let's deepen our connection with sustainable living and regenerative agriculture.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to set your homestead up for success.

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