Properly finished grass-fattened beef, starter pack (July 20> pickup)

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Properly finished grass-fattened beef, starter pack.

This is the most flavorful beef you will find anywhere. If you like your beef to be flavorless and textureless and needing sauce and no knife (there are people like this — that doesn't make you bad), this is not the beef for you. This is the beef for meat-eaters, who are after the kind of nutrient-density that you simply cannot buy anywhere else except from a farm where the farmer knew the animal by name and the animal's story and harvests beef just like she would for her own family. 

If that's you, here's your package. You may want two. We have this beef rarely, because it takes an extra year or more of finishing to develop this flavor and interstitial marbling (that's the fat that's between each muscle fiber and what makes a steak great). An animal has to be done growing up to grow out, and most beef in the US is harvested before the animal is finished growing his frame, so corn is required to start putting on fat, but fat only works into the muscles with time. And time is what makes good beef great. But prepare yourselves, this beef is richer and deeper-colored than beef you've previously had. 

Each package gets the following: 
Chuck roast
Shoulder roast
1 ribeye
1 NY strip
1 sirloin
1 filet
2 cube steaks
2 lbs stew meat
3-4 lbs bones 
12lbs ground beef in 1lb packages*

* you have the OPTION of getting heart and liver ground into your ground meat at 7% of the total weight. 10% is considered the threshold to taste organs in ground beef. Our supporters have been LOVING this mix. You MUST state if you want this in the order notes.

Long-fattened beef is one of the most nutritionally superior foods on earth. No self-respecting French chef cooks young beef. Yet Americans have been tricked into believing that tender can only happen with an animal that was fattened fast on corn, but there's no flavor there, and no time for the meat to accumulate all of its intended richness. This animal had a couple of extra seasons of eating grass and more time to concentrate phytochemicals, tocopherols, and carotenoids, all of which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
Real food supports life! Animals can process compounds in plants that we cannot digest and pass them along to us in bio-active ways, allowing our bodies to better filter toxins, aid in the proliferation of healthy gut flora, selectively inhibit pathogenic bacteria, and support brain, heart and metabolic health.

And… well-fattened beef done right is really good!

More and more people are understanding the benefits and deliciousness of longer-fattened grass-fed beef. There really is nothing like it, and we have these animals available only every once in a while! Because in order to be "done right," the animal could not be nutritionally stressed during his or her life to be fit to be cut into steaks. Most animals have been through some sort of "winter" season, but for these special boxes, we select animals that haven't been stressed in that way, resulting in not only nutritionally superior meat, but also culinarily superior meat. 
"What you get is this super delicious and complex flavor you cannot find with conventional beef. It's really unbelievable!" Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns told Taste.


Our beef is grass-fattened. That is a very important distinction from grass-fed. The meat is extremely flavorful and Jersey muscle fibers are very fine. Well-finished Jersey beef is quite excellent. Along with Red Devons, Jerseys stand alone among all cattle breeds for the most tender beef. They are not raised for beef much because they take longer to fatten and don't sell well at auction, but we don't sell at auctions, so you can enjoy this nutritionally superior meat. 

Our promise is always pasture-raised, in the sunshine, as God intended…  and nutritionally superior! This animal was raised cleanly to the highest standards. This animal was never treated with antibiotics or an mRN# $hot. 

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