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Victory Holterholm Lt. Landy Victory {6}

Born: September 2017

aAa: 516-342 - A2A2 - BB/AA - BBR 100


Victory is a son of the late, great Beledene Dukes Landy, easily the most influential and subsequently line-bred sire among graziers in the United States. His dam is also a twice descendant of Landy, whose dam is out of another influential sire, Holterholm Lieutenant. She is a 90-point cow capable of putting 10k lbs of milk in the tank per year, shown here at 10 years old. This bull is a power package. His dam is an incredibly capacious, sturdy yet milky dairy cow who adds something special to the herd with her markings. When Hue and I got married, he wanted a Holstein on the farm — he got Maisie instead, a full-blooded, pedigreed Jersey with the “right” coloring. She is a milk wagon, and her only fault is she likes to lay in the mud, probably trying to make herself look brown, because Maisie doesn’t like standing out from the crowd. She’s a boss without being bossy. Our calves out of Victory are small-framed, thrifty and intelligent from birth — not a dull one in the group. They dance around as soon as they are born. Victory’s functional elegance and intelligent head is reminiscent of his famous sire, and he has his dam’s all-business temperament. He bred heifers in the heat of summer when it was nearly 100 degrees for many days in a row. He offers rumen capacity, spring of ribs, fineness of bone, will to milk, and sturdy frame, including sound feet and legs. Victory doesn’t lack for openness in the rear, nor strength, although he isn’t our strongest bull. The only thing he lacks in abundance is udder height and length of leg, but these characteristics are not absent, either. Overall, he’s quite balanced. When we had a e.Coli challenge in our young calves this year due to the bedded pack, Victory’s calves had a much easier time of it than calves of other bulls. Even though “strong” isn’t high in his aAa, all the evidence is that he imparts a great deal of strength. The first thing that comes to mind with this bull is “classy.” He is serving at the herd sire at the Wisconsin dairy that has had Mr. Connor for three years, a high bar to match, but Victory has the chops to do it. We like everything about our Victory offspring besides his horned genetics and milk proteins, but if you see a horned animal in this catalog, you can count on him being among the best of the best. Victory is at the top of that list.

*There is a minimum order of three conventional straws per cow. The shipping cost is significant & having one extra is better than needing another shipment.

*For a $10 discount per straw, order five or more straws of the same bull (discount will automatically be applied in your cart).

*There is no minimum for purchasing sexed straws. We recommend purchasing a minimum of three straws, whether conventional, sexed or a combination. If breeding multiple cows, you can round down somewhat because hopefully the law of averages means at least one of your cows settles on the first service, freeing up other straws for multiple services. You can use any additional straws next year.

**TO AVOID an extra charge of $150 for a complete nitrogen refill, you must return the tank within the 2 week timeframe stated in the return instructions.
***Tanks that are not returned are subject to a $1500 replacement fee.

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