Treating Dairy Cows Naturally by Dr. Karreman

Treating Dairy Cows Naturally by Dr. Karreman

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In this groundbreaking work Dr. Karreman invites us to journey in to the world of dairy cows from a truly holistic perspective. With much thought and research, he builds a foundation from which to view dairy cows as animals that occupy a unique agro-ecological niche in our world. From within that niche, he describes how cows can be treated for a wide variety of problems with plant-derived and biological medicines. Drawing upon veterinary treatments from the days before synthetic pharmaceuticals, and tempering them with modern knowledge and clinical experience, Dr. Karreman bridges the world of natural treatments with life in the barn in a rational and easy to understand way.In describing treatments for common dairy cow diseases, he covers practical aspects of biologics, botanical medicines, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture and conventional medicine. By incorporating conservation principles, he also alerts us to the need of keeping our waterways clean - both for our health and the health of the cows. This book should serve as a useful reference for years to come.

Copyright 2004, 2007, hardcover, 412 pages.

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