UdderWell 6 tubes

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A botanical blend of all GRAS ingredients to support & promote udder health. Helpful at the very first signs of irregular milk and also at dry off.


Thymus oil, angelica da root oil, Angelica sinensis root oil, cinnamomum bark oil, gaultheria procumbens leaf oil, glycyrrhiza uralensis root oil, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E in a base of olea europea.


Lactation: At first sign of irregular milk, use 2 tubes per teat, 2 milkings in a row. Clean teats first! Allow to remain in udder for at least 2-3 hours before draining udder. 2 tubes per quarter for 2 milkings in a row or until not needed.

Milk should be withheld from consumption from the quarter during use and for 24 hours afterwards.

Dry-off: Do not milk the animal for 5 days and then milk out the udder completely and dump milk; cleanse teat ends with alcohol pads provided — far teats first, near teats next; infuse one entire tube per teat — closer teats first, then farthest teats. Be very clean! Infuse one entire 12 ml tube per quarter – near teats first, far teats next. Do not massage into udder.

1 tube per quarter for dry-off


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