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Reverence Procyon Lorin {5}-P


Born: November 2015

A2A2 - AB/AB -BBR 100

USA173256217• 120JE308

Heterozygous Polled

Lorin’s daughters are proving to be nice cows: easy-going dispositions, milky without being frail, high components and they breed back. Lorin himself is remarkable in appearance and presence. He is so solidly masculine and undeniably commanding that no other bulls challenged him when he returned from West Virginia, where he bred hundreds of cows on two organic dairies. He never lost his happy lines, even after coming off eating corn silage (and even on it, he wasn’t too fat) and going back onto toxic fescue. The top photo was taken coming straight out of winter. No bull ever challenges Lorin, even though he never overly shows dominance. We’ve never seen anything like it. He just knows who he is, and other bulls do, too. In that way, he’s just like his dam, who was a boss cow and knew it but rarely showed it. She was just the matriarch. She found me when I went to Nebraska to purchase three other cows, and earned a farm retirement for a couple of years because of her good nature. Lolly was a nicely uddered cow from the North Coast group in Ohio, where longevity, feet and legs and fertility were selected so strictly that the only way a bull could be in the program was if a cow had a calf every year for 10 years, and never had a problem of any kind. She was out of one of Alvin Hilty’s best cow lines (Snuggle). The most remarkable thing about Lolly was that she loved to eat — she was always grazing, even when other cows were panting in the shade. Lorin’s sire, Procyon, was line-bred to ISNZ Williams Minstrel, the grandsire on both sides of his pedigree. Minstrel was a son of the late, great ISNZ Van Der Fits Fjord, who holds the record for the most daughters in New Zealand, several decades after his death. Procyon’s daughters were so popular at Holt Creek Jerseys that the farm didn’t have any left, because every time someone came to buy heifers, they chose his first. Lorin passes to his daughters excellent feet, good udder confirmation, openness in the rear for good reproductive health and carrying capacity. He is both strongly dairy and easy-keeping, making for solar-efficient milking daughters who breed back, walk to the barn and carry out all the tasks of being a dairy cow with beauty and grace, and likable to boot..

*There is a minimum order of three conventional straws per cow. The shipping cost is significant & having one extra is better than needing another shipment.

*For a $10 discount per straw, order five or more straws of the same bull (discount will automatically be applied in your cart).

*There is no minimum for purchasing sexed straws. We recommend purchasing a minimum of three straws, whether conventional, sexed or a combination. If breeding multiple cows, you can round down somewhat because hopefully the law of averages means at least one of your cows settles on the first service, freeing up other straws for multiple services. You can use any additional straws next year.

**TO AVOID an extra charge of $150 for a complete nitrogen refill, you must return the tank within the 2 week timeframe stated in the return instructions.
***Tanks that are not returned are subject to a $1500 replacement fee.

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